Photo of a desert

The opposite of hypothermia, excessive heat can cause your characters a variety of problems. Our bodies release heat mainly by sweating (perspiring for the romance writers). When sweat can’t evaporate to cool your character’s skin, core body temperature will rise fast. At some point, sweating stops. In only ten to fifteen minutes from that point,…

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A blue stethoscope

Have you, as an author, committed “novel malpractice”? Can you write authentically about medical issues? Most writers without a medical background struggle with that. Writers, television shows and movies often get it wrong (don’t get me started). If the writing and story are good, readers may overlook mistakes, but I want to help you improve…

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Rx: Med School for Writers

Photo of Ronda Wells

As a physician for four decades, I’ve worn many hats from a busy Family Practice office, to an occupational medicine clinic to onsite health centers in local industries. Then a medical school mentor called and asked, did I know how to use a computer? That call launched my thirty-year career as a medical director starting…

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